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    Use image in java class

      hi everyone..............

      I have a problem, need some help. please........................!!!

      I am doing a project "online election system" client-server base application.

      I have a party registration class in my program. and I have a party registration form in which I want to upload a image(Poll Symbol) for newly register party. but I don't know how to do this.?
      Anyone please help its urgent.? please................
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          Standalone? Client-server? Web-app? J2EE?

          Not a real question.
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            It depends almost entirely on your DB your using. Does your db support BLOBs and what type?

            You can also transfer the image to the server and not store itin the db, but rather, just save it as a file, and then store the path to the file in the db.
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              That is quiet simple friend...U only need to write a code for image storage and retrieval in your project file. Most Databases these days support BLOB i.e. Binary Large Object to store images into your database. If you want to show that image to the visitors, I mean if someone clicks that image, then you will have to use an AWT or Swing code. Using both of these is not difficult either

              Best Luck