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    OSB Proxy Service remote Endpoint URI


      I have configured a new Proxy Service in OSB where the endpoint URI points to a JMS Queue on a remote Weblogic Server. But when I look at the OSB server's log, it is showing the following WARNING message: *'Please ensure the destination is available at the JNDI name QUEUE_JNDI_NAME.'*. Is there any other information that the OSB Server requires in order to consume messages from a remote server's queue other that its endpoint URI?

      Thanks in advance for any advise on this.
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          The problem was that the endpoint URI had two ip:port endpoints (i.e. jms://, and the 2nd ip:port endpoint didn't have any information about the queue. So for now, I've removed the 2nd ip:port from the URI and will include it again once the admin for that server sets up the queue within it correctly.