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    EBS Tables for the OBI Tables.

    Raghu Nagadasari
      HI EveryOne,

      We have a quick requiremnet, for that we have to find the EBS tables to the corresponding OBI tables and their columns are below.

      <font color="Blue">W_GL_ACCOUNT_D </font> GROUP_ACCOUNT_NUM
      <font color="Blue">W_GL_OTHER_F </font> GLOBAL1_EXCHANGE_RATE
      <font color="Blue">W_STATUS_D </font> ROW_WID
      <font color="Blue">W_MCAL_DAY_D </font> MCAL_DAY_DT_WID
      <font color="Blue">W_EMPLOYMENT_STAT_CAT_D </font> W_EMPLOYMENT_STAT_CODE
      <font color="Blue">W_WRKFC_BAL_A </font> HEADCOUNT

      Please share with us if anyone of you having good idea on EBS Source system.

      Your inputs here are highly appreciated..

      Thanks in Advance.

      Raghu Nagadasari

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