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    Configuring integration OBIEE in EPM

      Hi all I'm trying to finalaze my new virtual machine. According to the document: Oracle Fusion Middleware System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, I'm trying to configure EPM to integrate OBIEE and configure SSO.
      I'm followed chapter 11.5 but I have an error during execution of HSSRegistration.bat... thanks in advance for any help


      C:\Oracle\Middleware_bi\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\bin\hyperionregistry>HSSRegistration.bat register
      Warning: C:\Oracle\Middleware_bi\instances\instance1\config\foundation\\reg.properties file already exist, running this utility will overwrite existing reg.properties
      HIT registration begin...
      Please Enter HIT Registry Database Credentials
      Creating BIEE_PRODUCT
      Creating BIEE_WEBAPP
      Creating APP_SERVER component.
      HIT registration completed.
      HSS registration begin...
      Please Enter Sharedservice Admin Credentials
      !Starting Registering Product:BIEE-, Filename:biee-, Path:config/biee-
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: ESSBASE_STUDIO_PRODUCT
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.RegistryHelper.<init>(RegistryHelper.java:62)
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.RegistryHelper.getInstance(RegistryHelper.java:94)
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.CMSClientHelper.<init>(CMSClientHelper.java:58)
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.RegistrationHelper.<init>(RegistrationHelper.java:46)
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.CMSHelperLocator.getRegistrationHelper(CMSHelperLocator.java:43)
      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.CMSClient.register(CMSClient.java:659)
      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.HyperionSharedService.doRegisterProduct(HyperionSharedService.java:339)
      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.HyperionSharedService.register(HyperionSharedService.java:93)
      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.BIEERegisterer.execute(BIEERegisterer.java:60)
      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.BIEERegisterer.main(BIEERegisterer.java:138)

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          I take it your EPM deployment does not have Essbase Studio configured? For some reason it looks like it checking for it and it doesn't so it is failing.


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            Well, Studio and EIS are configured and works properly.
            I look forward for any suggestion
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              I have had a look at this and it took a while to work out but I think it is a bit of a bug or steps missing from the documentation when using EPM

              If you copy registry-api.jar from the EPM workspace machine <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\EPMSystem11R1\common\jlib\\ to the OBIEE machine in <ORACLE_BI1>\common\jlib\
              You can either replace the file in the OBIEE instance or rename it before copying the newer file from the EPM instance.

              Copy CSS.jar from the EPM workspace machine <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\EPMSystem11R1\common\CSS\\lib to the OBIEE machine in <ORACLE_BI1>\common\CSS\\lib

              I would run the utility again with the clean option first and then run again with the register.

              I have not checked if everything is working after all the steps are complete, as there is missing steps in the Oracle documentation it makes me wonder how much it has actually been tested with


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                olivier Rochon

                I follow yout post.
                Now I have also no error during "HSSregistration.bat register"
                and when I test "HSSregistration.bat view", all is OK.

                But I don't see any OBIEE menu into "Navigate > Application".

                I see under the log "Workspace.log" the following lines :
                [2013-05-20T15:47:00.742+02:00] [EPMServer0] [NOTIFICATION] [00155] [oracle.bi.bifndnepm.workspace.config.RegistryConfig] [tid: 37] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000Jv2CN5j5yW^5xV_AiW1HaYXY00000E,0] [APP: WORKSPACE#] [SRC_CLASS: com.oracle.workspace.config.RegistryConfig] [SRC_METHOD: initializeProductHashtable:926] Product BIEE-9.5 was not registered.  Deactivating product.
                [2013-05-20T15:47:00.744+02:00] [EPMServer0] [NOTIFICATION] [00155] [oracle.bi.bifndnepm.workspace.config.RegistryConfig] [tid: 37] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000Jv2CN5j5yW^5xV_AiW1HaYXY00000E,0] [APP: WORKSPACE#] [SRC_CLASS: com.oracle.workspace.config.RegistryConfig] [SRC_METHOD: initializeProductHashtable:926] Product BIP-9.5 was not registered.  Deactivating product.

                Why ?

                The "OBIEE Admin Guide" say that we have to use the same identity store between EPM and OBIEE.
                Do you use "Oracle Internet Directory" to have the same identiy store ?

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                  Hi! I'm having troubles in BI integration into Workspace.
                  After all integration operations done i have the next view in workspace:
                  Quick links bar in Workspace homepage: [https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-mDypousrOZc/UZ3WtIC_itI/AAAAAAAAAMw/kyprCm6IVd0/w331-h101-no/links.jpg]
                  Navigate->Applications menu view: [https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-DOhX6WBWKy4/UZ3WtLI3yNI/AAAAAAAAAMs/Xk2mJzeSMi8/w695-h151-no/menu.jpg]
                  All links goes to an error "A 'Service Temporarily Unavailable' error occurred communicating with the server URI: EPM_HOST:19000/analytics/workspace/conf/BIEEConfig.xml" (links to my EPM_HOST not an BI_HOST on which that xml-file is)
                  In Shared Services console i can see BIEE Application group and can assign BI-roles to users.
                  Can you help me with that problem?
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                    The above solution by JohnGoodwin also works in a linux environment, if the following error is encountered while registering application -


                    ! Done Registering Product with HSS



                    ! Registering Application



                    Product: BIEE-, Application:Dashboards, Filename:dashboards.Instance, Path:config/dashboards.Instance, ProjectName:BIEE

                    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.hyperion.css.CSSUserProvisioningAPIIF.registerApplication(Ljava/util/Map;Lcom/hyperion/css/common/CSSPrincipalIF;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)V

                      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.RegistryHelper.createApplication(RegistryHelper.java:388)

                      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.helper.RegistrationHelper.register(RegistrationHelper.java:558)

                      at com.hyperion.interop.lib.CMSClient.register(CMSClient.java:738)

                      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.HyperionSharedService.doRegisterApplication(HyperionSharedService.java:362)

                      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.HyperionSharedService.register(HyperionSharedService.java:95)

                      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.BIEERegisterer.execute(BIEERegisterer.java:60)

                      at oracle.bi.server.hssregistration.BIEERegisterer.main(BIEERegisterer.java:138)

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                      Did you get this to work? We got this to work by using the jar files from EPM instead of EPM Once we did that and completed the steps, the integration worked fine.