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    Strange rendering issue with SunRay 5.4 and the latest firmware


      A few days ago I updated a set of Oracle 10 servers to Sun Ray Software and Sun Ray Operating Software Functionally everything is excellent, and being able to resize a session in OVDC is a big improvement. The previous version they had was 5.3.

      The strange problem happening now is that the main application being run on these doesn't render "disabled" buttons properly. Before they used to look like every other pixel in the text was omitted, and now the buttons just render empty. However, if you capture the screen or window it looks correct in the captured image. If you do something to the window that forces the button to render, like drag the border over the button, the text appears line by line.

      We are using CDE. This is happening on both OVDC and physical SunRays.

      Please let me know if you have suggestions, or ideas on what I could investigate.