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    oim 11G r2: Adding Custom Managed Bean

      Hi All,
      I have a requirement for UI Customization (Adding a button in identity self service>users>accounts page)

      I followed the instructions as mentioned in developers guide sec. 30.10 Developing Managed Beans.
      1. Create View controller project
      2. Create Model project
      3. Loaded
      – OIM View Shared Library
      – OIM Model Shared Library
      – OIM Client Library

      But when I try to create a custom managed bean, am not able to extend oracle.iam.ui.platform.view.backing.BaseMB (or BaseStateMB) to my request bean class in view controller project.
      (Class not found)

      Also, is there any other document which clearly explains about how to add actionlistener to a button in oim 11g r2?

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Inputs pls?
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            Hi Vijay,

            While creating the project in JDeveloper there would be a step after giving the name of the package wherein you give a project name and also select the project technologies. I think you would have missed selecting some of the available ones. If you create a view controller project, I think by default it selects some technologies. At that time ensure that you have selected ADF faces, ADF Page Flow and others required. If you properly select these components and add the libraries then you will be able to extend oracle.iam.ui.platform.view.backing.BaseMB.

            For adding action listener dont directly do it in UI. create a button using UI and export the sandbox. Then in that xml add the action listener property and attach the bean to it. After doing that import the sandbox back into OIM. Be sure you are maintaining the folder structure properly.

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              Thank you Durgaprasad.

              All the required technologies are added to the project.
              I added the jars to the classpath seperately, then am able to extend the BaseMB class.

              For adding the button, is there a document about how to add the actionListener to commandtoolbarButton/commandButton?
              (I added the button in UI and exported the Sandbox. Now the actionListener property has to be added in the xml)