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    Deleting Shared Assets


      I have an asset type which is shared between two sites. So whenever a contributor creates a new asset of that type,it will be automatically shared between the sites. But I do not have an option to unshare or delete that asset as it is been shared.

      The contributor interface do not have an option to share an asset. Is there any costumisations to have that option?

      I am usning Oracle Webcenter Sites 11g version.
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          Unshare: Go to the source site, open the asset from contributor interface. Go to menu Content -> Share; System opens a pop up, which shows all the sites to which the asset is shared to (on the right side). Select and move the sites that you do not want to share the content. Save your changes. This is how you can unshare an asset.

          Share from Contributor interface: Use the same feature (Content -> Share) to share the asset to desired sites. This is a context sensitive menu and hence may not be enabled if you do not have the right asset open.
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            Gerardo Rodriguez
            The Contributor user needs permission in both sites to see available the option Share.
            The assettype has to be enabled in more than one site as well.