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    Oracle BPM Worklist


      I am planning on using Human Workflow component of SOA Suite. What are my options for user interface for managing tasks without paying for any additional licensing.
      Is Oracle BPM Worklist part of SOA Suite ? Do we need any extra licensing to use it? We have licensing for SOA Suite.
      Can anyone help me understand the licensing model for Oracle SOA Suite vs Oracle BPM Suite?

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          You can have a full SOA Suite license with BPM suite within it. That includes:
          BPEL Process Manager
          Human Workflow
          Business Rules
          Business Activity Monitoring
          Business Process Management
          Oracle Event Processing
          Web Services Manager
          User Messaging Service
          Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control

          You can have a BPM Suite license only. That includes:

          BPMN Processes
          Human Workflow
          Business Rules
          Business Activity Monitoring

          And you can have a SOA Suite license without BPM suite within.

          The BPM suite exist in the SOA suite installation. The licenses can be changed depending which component you are choosing during the installation.

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            to reply your queries, work list application come together with BPM and its free if you have BPM license. Most of the Production license count by CPU of your production box. Please contact your local Oracle partners for more details. By the way you should ask the parties that sell the licenses to you for more details.