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    Get DVT Drilldown Hierarchy Data in Clickevent BackingBean

      I created a Drill down functionality for Graph as per following link,


      My PageDef file for Graph looks as follows --->Drills from DepartmentId to ManagerName then to Employees

      <graph IterBinding="DepartmentsVO2Iterator" id="DepartmentsVO21" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/dvt"
      <graphDataMap convert="false" leafOnly="true">
      <item value="DepartmentId">
      <child value="ManagerName"/>
      <item value="ManagerName">
      <child value="EmployeeName"/>
      <drills type="REPLACE"/>
      <data defaultAggregateType="SUM" aggregateDuplicates="TRUE">
      <item value="Salary"/>
      <item value="DepartmentId"/>

      When ever user clicks on any Graph bars , i want to know current bar dataMap details in backing bean ( like when user clicks on departmentId then I need that departmentId, when user drills and clicks on Managername then I want to know which DepartmentId and what ManagerName)

      Can anybody please provide code snippet to get current Click Graph Hierarchy details in Backing Bean Class?


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