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    SLA Pre-Upgrade program - Post steps

      Dear All,

      We upgrade our oracle applications to R12.1.3 from Before upgrade, we applied the patch patch 5233248 and ran the concurrent program with the below values

      Migrate all sets of books: Yes
      Start Date: “01/01/1976”: Jan-76
      End Date : (Left Blank)

      The above concurrent in 11i insance took only 1 minute. Is this normal ?. There are many steps mentioned in the document R12.0 and R12.1: FAQ for the SLA Upgrade: SLA Pre-Upgrade, Post-Upgrade, and Hot Patch [ID 604893.1] .

      Since I already mentioned to upgrade all GL during the upgrade process itself by mentioning the above parameters in the concurrent program. Do I have to still do anything on this regard after the upgrade

      Please advise