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    Oracle compatiable with Browers

      Does anyone know or use any other browser besides from IE for Oracle 11. Our customers are complaining about IE and want to move to another browser like Chrome but I can't get it to work there.
      Can soemone help
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          Look at the 'EPM System Basic Platform' worksheet tab and then scroll to the section 'Client Certification' to find the supported browsers. (officially supported)

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            Dear Dakku,

            You can use Firefox depending on the version of HFM and of your browser.

            You can also use chrome but you will need to use specific app that will enhance your browser to behave like IE. This is not recommended as you can have problem of display that you do not have by using IE.

            Best regards,

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              Even if you have the latest version running, only IE and Firefox are supported. Depending on the version you a running, you can always upgrade your IE and then patch your system to support the higher version (if a patch is available).
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                Hypeiron Support the below Browsers. let me know if you have any doubts

                "Internet Explorer 6.0
                Internet Explorer 7.x
                Internet Explorer 8.x
                Internet Explorer 9.x

                Firefox 3.5+
                Firefox 5.x (starting with 5.0.1)"

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                  William Lesmana

                  Mozilla after version 5 internally blocks the connections which are Active X and pop-up based scripts, to work around this, we need to install the Remote XUL:
                  1. Open Mozilla tools-Select Options
                  2. Select the General tab-Internal Tab -Click on Manage ADD-ON
                  3. Get Add-on sear for the Remote XUL-install the Add-on
                  4. Restart the Mozilla
                  5. Open Mozilla tools-select web developer
                  6. select the Remote XUL add the server or URL

                  However, as this is an unsupported browser version, they won't guarantee you if something is not working as expected.