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    BIEE10g to 11g perfomrance

      We are using obiee11g in linux box.We installead obiee10g same machine again installed OBIEE11g.Now obiee10 and 11g both in same machine.
      When i moved 10g into 11g.All the report take time to display data.But 10g shows without any delay.

      Could you please let me know what the thing we have to test and fix?

      Note: All query running fine but page to page selection problem.(E.g I have dahboard1 and 5 pages.When i click page1 then click page 4)

      Even below comments we got from business

      "After migrating to 11g the performance of the new platform seems to have some performance issues.
      After arriving on the initial landing page, if I go to another tab the system hangs for a good few minutes before the next view is displayed.
      This seems to be relatively common from tab to tab in all our various dashboards."

      I did below permance
      1.Log level 0
      2.Cach enable
      3.All prompt default value set
      4.DB(Index and Partion declared)

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          See here: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2013/03/performance-and-obiee-summary-and-faq/

          Note that disabling logging won't really help, and if you've enabled caching you need to make sure you've done the corresponding work to set up cache purging.