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    BPM Human Task with actionable email intermitten email send process

      hi guys,

      i have a BPM process with a human task and actionable email. for a few weeks, it work fine, send the email with a quick response after the trigger is fired.
      but since last week the send email process is stuck. i should restart the adminserver first, then the process will continue send the email after the server has been restarted.

      how i trigger the process is with a webservice that will send data to the BPM process, and then the BPM will create the task and send the email.
      at the same server i also deploy a bpel process that will create a pdf report and send an email + the report as attachment.
      for the bpel process there's no problem for sending process. both for the bpel and bpm i use same account at the messaging driver properties.

      how can i trace this problem ? should i purge the BPM data ?