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    how to change the unique reference number of a EUL in Discoverer 4i


      My Discoverer version is 4i which comes default with EBS 11i.
      Now i have created a New Custom EUL Using Database Exp and Imp.
      According "http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B25016_08/doc/dl/bi/B13916_04/maintain_eul.htm#i1008612"

      "if you use the database export and import utilities to copy an EUL, the new EUL (including its reference number) will be identical to the original EUL"

      I have to change the Reference Number of New EUL.

      This can be done by

      start d:\<ORACLE_ HOME>\discoverer\util\eul5_id.sql

      But i could not find this sql in 4i Discoverer Home.


      Can any one help me in finding this.

      Thanks in Advance