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    Oracle Cluster Node Reboots Abruptly

    Bhavi Savla
      One of our RAC 11gR2 Cluster Node rebooted abruptly. We found the following error in the grid home alter log file and ocssd.log file.
      [cssd(6014)]CRS-1611:Network communication with node mumchora12 (1) missing for 75% of timeout interval.  Removal of this node from cluster in 6.190 seconds
      We need to find the Root Cause for this node reboot. Kindly assist.

      OS Version : RHEL 5.8
      GRID :
      Database :
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          By looking the logs it seems private interconnect problem. I would suggest you to refer one of nice metalink doc on same issue.

          Node reboot or eviction: How to check if your private interconnect CRS can transmit network heartbeats [ID 1445075.1]

          Hope it will help you to identify the root cause of node eviction.