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    Changing the name and currency of a parent entity.

      Hello Experts,

      Just looking to confirm the impacts of changing a parent entity name as well as the default currency. I am assuming since it is not a base entity I will just need to reconsolidate all historical years across all scenarios and unpost and update any PCA journals as well as any report, dataform, grid changes and if the entity is mentioned in the rules. Updating metadata child parent association. Are there any other items I am not considering such as Process Management, etc...?
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          changing the reporting currency has realy quite an impact. So the biggest recommendation would always be to use a test-system first :-)

          I think, that you mentioned most of the items.

          - yes, reconsolidate, because all [Parent], [Proportion], [Elim], [Contrib] items will be los
          - all journals on other elements than <Entity Curr Adjs> --> thats important! Even if you change back the currency to the original one will not enable the journals again!
          - P-Mgmt --> if you change the reporting currency of an entity, you cannot change the P-Management if it is different than "not started". So you should reject all periods, where the P-Management of that entity was started. (there, if you miss one, you can load MD with the old currency and it will work again).
          - please also consider if you have somewhere historic rates which you might need to adjust as well.

          good luck!
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