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    RIDC Connection

    Bharath Umesh

      Is there any way that i can get to know the status of the connection? i.e if the connection is established or not?

      I am using this way to connect:

      IdcClientManager clientManager = new IdcClientManager();     
      idcClient = clientManager.createClient("idc://:4444");
      /* to retrieve connection status*/

      Thanks in advance.
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          Daniel Merchán

          In > version you have a class call AdfConnectionFacade that provide you testing functionality:
          Off reference about AdfConnectionFacade: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10807/c23_ridc.htm#CHDIADHF
          It includes how to get an IdcClient and test functionality.

          If you're in a previous version I recommend you don't connect using your code because is dependent of an IP.
          Use instead:
          String connectionName = DocLibADFConfigUtils.getPrimaryConnectionName();
          IdcClient idcClient = StellentUtils.getIdcClient(connectionName);
          For testing connectivity you can use next approach:
          - Use org.apache.commons.httpclient classes to do a Network connectivity test.
          - If connectivity with UCM is OK then use IdcService "PING_SERVER" to check UCM status (if it's able or is having problems).

          Also you can try get IdcClient directly. It should throw an exception if can't connect to UCM that you can use as "Not connectivity".

          I hope this help you.