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    JCShell script file with RSA verification

      Hello everybody,

      I have developed an applet which works fine. Now I want to write a JCShell script file(*.jcsh) which can verify the RSA signature from device.

      1. I send to the device APDU command - this can be write very simple into script file

      /send B0 AD 01 01 08 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 90 +//01 02 03 ... 08 means data to calculate RSA digest on tje device side+

      2. I receive from the device 128B of RSA signature.

      My problem lies, that I don't know how can I write the JCShell script file, which will verify this RSA signature. It means, that I need to write the script which calculate the verify message and compare it with the RSA signature from device. I have spent so much time to find something about this on the web but I don't find anything.

      Can anynobody help me with some examples or notices how can I write JCShell script?
      Thank you so much!

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          jcop shell is very primitive and you cannot trigger any other programs withit, not is the intern mathematic operations enough for calculating rsa on your own.
          only way i see is to calculate predefined values and build your shell script externally, which then compares return values with the precalculated values