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    Bug in CLI update/addFileToDistro

      addFileToDistro fails as the channel name isn't an option to pass via -C argument (looks like regression with CR 7165487)

      Fix in: /opt/SUNWoccli/share/lib/occli/modes/uceModeImpl.py

      Add the '-C <channelname>' back in this line:

      op = OCOptionParser(usage='%prog -f <distro path> -C <channelname> -o <distro name> -a <category> [-s]', prog='add_file_to_distro', epilog=_('Adds a file on the Enterprise Controller to the specified distribution in the specified category.'))

      and uncomment:

      ## op.add_option("-C", "--channelname", dest="channelname", metavar="DISTRIBUTION", help=_("channel name"), required=True)

      RFE Improve 'bulk_upload_directory' to allow an upload category argument.