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    More information on "Error: multi-linked directory"

      What does "Error: multi-linked directory" indicate, and how does one correct for this error? This error is from OSB

      I have found this in some of the logs for my servers' backups. Some of the directories are for NFS shares, however it is not only NFS shared directories. My concern is that when I attempt a test restore in one of the affected directories, there is no restore option. This seems to indicate that none of the data there is being backed up, which is a problem. This also begs the question - if whole directories are not being backed up due to errors, why don't those servers show up as having failed to back up successfully? It is VERY FRUSTRATING to have to look through the logs for "successful" backups in order to find these errors. It will be worse when customers go to restore from their "successful" backups to find that critical directories may have been skipped.

      I found two unanswered posts from Dec 6th 2010 and Nov 9th 2010 on this forum with the same question, so I am not the only user encountering this error.

      Please provide more information about this "multi-linked directory" error and why partially failed backups appear as successful backups with warnings.
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          It means the folder exists as another mount point on the machine and the backup was captured via that. Can you confirm the OS this is for, and also post the output from "df -h" so we can check.


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            Presumably you mean the OS and df output of the client, correct?

            The client is RHEL 4.7. The OSB server is OEL 6.4.

            The df -h output (redacted using "appname" and "subappname", per employer security policy):

            df -h
            Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
            2.0G 251M 1.7G 14% /
            /dev/sda1 190M 13M 168M 8% /boot
            none 4.0G 0 4.0G 0% /dev/shm
            20G 3.4G 16G 19% /home
            25G 568M 23G 3% /opt
            50G 647M 47G 2% /tmp
            79G 67G 8.7G 89% /u01
            24G 524M 22G 3% /u02
            24G 5.3G 18G 24% /u03
            20G 129M 19G 1% /u04
            20G 14G 5.1G 73% /u05
            20G 13G 6.4G 66% /u06
            5.0G 2.3G 2.4G 49% /usr
            124M 82M 36M 70% /usr/local
            9.9G 1.3G 8.2G 14% /var
            992M 11M 930M 2% /u01/subappname
            /u01/subappname 992M 11M 930M 2% /exports/subappname
            /u01/appname/shared 79G 67G 8.7G 89% /exports/shared
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              Which folder is getting the multi-linked error?

              From this listing I would say that /exports/subappname is the same filesystem as /u01/subappname and both of these are potentially backed up via the /u01 in the dataset, which would explain the warning you are seeing.


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                That makes sense, although it seems to only be an issue with NFS exports. I have excluded /exports, which cleared up the issue.

                Thank you for your response.