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    OIF configuration using Enterprise Manager - Metadata expiry date

      I am trying to configure OIF for OAM-OIF integration and talk to our Identity Provider. We are on-demand hosted Fusion HCM customer.

      Here are the steps to go on the screen

      Enterprise Manager Right click on OIF > Administration > Security and Trust > Provider Metadata> Generate

      Currently the number of days field is restricted to be no more than 120 days. This will cause us to replace metadata file every 120 days in IdP system. We follow a pretty eloborate process for changes in IdP system so I wanted to know is there a way to allow metadata to be valid for more than 120 days ( say 1 year or 2 year something most of other SP does)

      We are on OOD hosted HCM implementation so we have complete access to OIM/OIF/OAM middle tier so I will be okay if you can tell me where the new metadata file is stored so that I can change it to be valid for more than 120 days.


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          Vamsi M-Oracle
          The metadata expiration is currently not configurable. It is set to 120 days to encourage peer SAML Providers to periodically check and ensure that their local copy is in sync with the metadata currently in force at the OIF Service Provider. In practice, metadata changes are very infrequent (server certificate renewal, end point URL changes) and are done with adequate notice to allow partners to plan for the change.

          Please file an ER if your business requirements dictate that the metadata expiration be configurable.