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    install virtual machine on oracle vm without oracle vm manager

      Hello Can someone point me in the right direction to install a vm on a fresh install of oracle vm from the command line i.e. ( without vm manager)

      "please do not comment install oracle vm manager"

      Oracle VM server release 3.2.2

      there is nothing in the /OVS dir

      fresh install I looked for vm templates already and it appears they unpack in ova format so how do I import these?

      i.e. i have
      OVM_OL6U3_x86_PVHVM.ova from V35122-01.zip

      also virt-install is not installed.

      I have tons of expierience previously with opensource xen via xend and also citrix xen and xcp via xapi, just trying to get 1st vm up and running properly rather than make assumptions and assume its like the older origional xen.