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    Oracle AIA - ANT build Error - MDS files does not exist

      I have created a typical AIA artifacts project as below
      1. Req_ABCSImpl
      All 3 artifacts have XSD, WSDL which are stored in MDS via update intp MDS DB.

      I an trying to compile the artifacts with ANT Scripts provided by Oracle OOTB (ant-sca-compile.xml).
      This gives error as - the files which are referred to "oramds" location does not exist.

      So can you please let me know how-to resolve this issue?
      The files exists in MDS DB

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          In Jdeveloper Each Application has a file called adf-config.xml file whcih will details to oramds link

          under Application Resources ->Descriptors ->ADF-META-INF
          adfconfig.xml file like

          <metadata-store-usage id="mstore-usage_2">
          <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.db.DBMetadataStore">
          <property name="jdbc-userid" value="DEV_MDS"/>
          <property value="XYX" name="jdbc-password"/>
          <property name="jdbc-url"
          <property name="partition-name" value="soa-infra"/>

          this file helps to determine where to find the mds?
          In wsdl you might be referring to

          Oramds is defined using this file adf-config.xml to determine whcih machine it should use.
          During developemnt the artifacts like xsd or wsdl are moved to mds in one machine or environemnt but we try to deploy on different machine. While compiling try to check whether you connected to correct mds having those files.

          Venugopal SSS RAJA

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