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    Setting a field visibility to dissable once document is printed using print


      I a new to Oracle Froms. I am using Forms 10g
      I have a form where I am trying to print the form. Before doing that I have set some of the filelds Visibilty to "Yes" by doing

      set_item_property('Product1.ORDER_QTY',visible, property_true);

      Followed by command


      Once the document is printed I want to change visibilty of this filed to "No" by using

      set_item_property('Product1.ORDER_QTY',visible, property_false);

      But the issue is how to identify when this should be done. I though of using "When-Window-Closed Trigger" but I need to know WindowID (for Print). I dont know this.

      Can someone help me find a solution.

      Thank you.