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    Any troubleshooting tips for sync issues?


      Very new to Mobile Server. Started work on a new project that uses mobile server and we are running into a sync issue. The sync was working but we have hit an issue now.
      Not sure of the cause and looking for pointers on where to look, what are some common problems, etc.

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          which version are you using.
          your question is very general, perhaps some specific details would help, e.g. olite version, client type, error message etc

          generally we had many issues with
          connectivity especially through gprs (3g) , we used specific sim cards in handhelds that created a vpn style secure connection to the server and although the connection was established some times the packages size was greater so we had to adjust the connection settings on the device so that olite works during sync.

          we had a lot of cases where olite was getting out of sync and was forcing a full refresh, thus losing the client's data. some times the data was entered in the error queue , an email was send to the admin but noone was watching anyway.

          and many others.

          check connection, check integrity (make sure that not 2 clients change the same table rows) make sure the server doesnt change parts of the database that the clients will change too (thus youll get conflicts).

          make sure the sync remains stable, sometimes if you lose connection during a sync a full refresh might be needed (actually a patch was supposed to fix this)

          we had issues with the sequences also but mainly because of bad design from our part, which we fixed later on.

          etc...please provide some info on what error you are getting.

          in general if you are getting an error code then you are probably going to find the solution. check the message reference in help to see what the error means, then try to see on the client what changes were made. check error queue/perhaps a log? server traces might help(might). also it depends what kind of sync are you making, your own or using the olite sync

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            Thanks for your reply. We are using version 11.2 of mobile server. The app server is GlassFish. And I believe Berkley DB is the database on the client side.

            For the moment I am focusing on the server side. So I am interested in where logs are and if there are tables in the database that I can query to get information.
            I have been getting some information in the console. In one case, I saw that data coming in exceeded the column size. This was in viewed via the Alerts on the
            home page of mobile server console.

            I wish I could be more specific but if I can find out where log files and where error tables are in the database I can probably be more specific.

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              Hi Bill,


              We work in Olite and face many sync issues.

              We regularly monitor sync errors on server (mobile admin login --> Sync session history).

              Also need to keep an eye on deferred errors in Oracle applications from mobile admin responsibility.


              We face number of errors during sync, some of them are resolved by changing parameters on server or in client laptop.