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    ADFDi customization on UDT page


      We have a requirement and the steps below helps to understand the requirement..
      Its is on Fusion Compensation Module..

      Basically the requirment is to edit the UDT page in Fusion Comp and implement a button and upon clicking the button, it should use ADFDi standard features to export from excel and again user modifies the data and again imports wiht the updated UDT values back to Fusion UDT page.

      It is also the duplicate thread of threadID=2519978
      How to Integrate ADFDI with Fusion Compensation

      1. Login to the Application
      2. Click on 'Administration' -> Setup and Maintenance
      3. Go 'Manage USer Defined Tables' Task List
      4. Click on Actions -> Edit on any UDT
      5. On Edit User-Defined Table Screen, We want to add an Icon (Say 'Perform Mass Update')
      6. Once User Clicks on it, User should be allowed to start with Mass update of UDT values

      Questions are

      1. For Step 6, Do we need to start creating a new jspx page with ADF table containing UDT data and have ADFDI Functionality (By Having an UPLOAD Button on Table) associated to this page?
      2. Is this feasible to do? As we are not sure which EAR to be used for Customization and First of all is this screen Customizable?

      We are waiting for Bhuvanesh to have a OWC session to finalize our design and approach.
      Kindly help us to finalize the same ASAP

      Thanks and regards,