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    SASL authentication PLAIN failed: not authorized


      first of all, i'm new to XMPP and Oracle Instant Messaging software. I did setup an Oracle Instant Messaging server on my dev box
      and then trying to create a Java client using SMACK (version 3.3) API's (see code below)

      Whatever i try (with SSL, no SSL etc.) i always get the same error:

      SASL authentication PLAIN failed: not-authorized:
           at org.jivesoftware.smack.SASLAuthentication.authenticate(SASLAuthentication.java:342)
           at org.jivesoftware.smack.XMPPConnection.login(XMPPConnection.java:221)
           at client.XMPPClient.main(XMPPClient.java:32)

      so it fails in the attempt to login with user "jstein"

      I'm using Weblogic 12c internal LDAP and "jstein" is a user in this directory. Is there anything
      in terms of user setup that i must do ?

      Any idea on how to debug this? This is on XMPP Server version 9.0


      public static void main(String[] arg) {
      try {
      Connection xmppConn;
      ConnectionConfiguration xmppConf;

      xmppConf = new ConnectionConfiguration("adc2190864.us.oracle.com", 5222);

      xmppConn = new XMPPConnection(xmppConf);


      xmppConn.login("jstein", "welcome1", "MyResource");

      System.out.println("XMPP Conn: " + xmppConn.getServiceName());

      catch(Exception e) {