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    Can't access a VM within oracle VM server

      dear team,

      This is the first time i use the OVM and we are planning to sell it to our customer but we are facing issues which prevent us to go further; here is a summary of the architecture as well as the issue:

      1) the OVM 3.2.1 is installed on an Intel server (H/W based) with 2 network cards
      2) the first network card is used for management purposes
      3) the second network card is created using "bonds/ports only", with the network name "My Network", and dedicated for "Network Virtual Machine" in order to be used by the VMs to access the external network; the IP used is (subnet
      4) 2 VMs created using OEL 6 with the IPs and with the same subnet
      5) the 2 VMs are "pingable" between each other but couldn't be "pingable" from outside (neither from the VMs to outside) although the VNIC are attached to the network described in the point 3.

      As stated in the point 5, the VMs are unreachable from outside the OVM.
      could you please provide me your feedback in this regard.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.