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    Unable to drill in on a member in Hyperion Financial Reporting


      I would really appreciate help regarding this.. I am trying to drill down on a member which is unique in a column in a FR. I have made sure to enable "allow expansion" for that member too. I checked to see if data was against that member and its descendents and it seems perfectly fine. However when I run the report through workspace (HTML view) I am not able to expand that column and see the members. Is there any other changes I have to make against the database to enable drill down expansion?

      Please let me know.
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          Jake Turrell
          I just tried this in (in both rows and columns), and the "allow expansion" setting was all I needed. I have seen bugs in older versions where row expansion didn't work. A couple of questions:

          1) What version?
          2) Are you using anything "special". For example, attribute dimensions?
          3) Does the member you're trying to drill down on exist as a shared member? (where it doesn't have children?)
          4) Can you create a very simple report (brand new from scratch) and get expansion of any kind working? Make sure all suppression is turned off, etc.

          All guesses . . . but maybe we'll stumble on something.

          Hope this helps,
          - Jake