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    Do any one have Oracle AIA Comms pips test cases?

      HI All

      I came to know that Oracle do not share test cases they used for testing Out of the box pips. Also, oracle do not share any tests cases documents that cane be used for reference by customers to test Oracle AIA communications pips out of the box.

      I am currently working on Oracle AIA communications PIPs 11.2 . In case, any one have test case documents prepared to test communications PIPS, please share them with me.

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          Hi Arun,
          I am not sure whether oracle gives a test case???

          Oracle gives its flows based on the Design of PIP. For example a Agent Assisted Billing Care PIP Siebel to BRM has three functionalities like under three headings in implementation guide

          1. Billing Managment
          2. Customer managment
          and COllection Managment

          But the client I am working has only a requirment for only a Billing Mangement whcih is like
          Adjustment and invoice flow
          Then i will not use the flow which in customer manaement or Collection managment. Its upto user to determine it. So trigger the scenarios and check whether the data is moving to SBL to BRM or BRM to CRM.

          And we say about Order to cash PIP , using Siebel - OSM - BRM.
          Based on Product class OSM calls the relevant flows Sycn Customer or Fulfill Billing or provisioning service , this flow depends on the way how we configure a product and product class in product life cycle Management. The flow differs based on the way the products are configured in BRM and Siebel.

          First identify the flows logically like
          OBRM     OSM      Fulfill Billing
          OBRM     OSM     Sync Customer
          Siebel     OSM     Installation activity creation
          Siebel     OSM     Update task status
          Siebel     OSM     Update order status

          You can find the relevant flows in Order to Cash PIP. You can trigger a flow in BRM or CRM accordingly.
          My advice is that please read the implementation guide fully for the integration touch points and then you can identify the flows which your customer needs. Then trigger the scenarios and siebel calls the AIA and the instance in AIA will help you to find the Order Status.

          Please see the implementation guide and you can do a shake out for all the aia pips.

          Venugopal SSS Raja

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            HI Venugopal

            Thanks for your response. We already finished out of the box pip testing for both comms pips.

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              Hi Arun,


              Can you share some of the test cases for testing the out of the box comms pips?