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    PRVF-7617 running cluvfy on AIX lpar using aliases

      I am preparing to install grid infrastructure on AIX 6.2 USING AIX LPARS. I am getting the following errors in the output when runningn the following command...
      ./runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n oradbprd016,oradbprd022 -fixup -verbose
      These are the errors...
      Check: TCP connectivity of subnet ""
      Source Destination Connected?
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------------
      c-oradb003av: oradbprd016: failed

      PRVF-7617 : Node connectivity between "c-oradb003av :" and "oradbprd016 :" failed
      c-oradb003av: oradbprd022: failed

      PRVF-7617 : Node connectivity between "c-oradb003av :" and "oradbprd022 :" failed
      Result: TCP connectivity check failed for subnet ""

      The physical hostnames of the servers are c-oradb003av and c-oradb005av In which they are aliases as follows in the /etc/hosts files.
      # c-oradb003av c-oradb003av.corppvt.com c-oradb003av oradbprd016.corppvt.com oradbprd016 oradbvip016.corppvt.com oradbvip016 oradbpri016.corppvt.com oradbpri016 oradbrep016.corppvt.com oradbrep016
      # c-oradb005av c-oradb005av.corppvt.com c-oradb005av oradbprd022.corppvt.com oradbprd022 oradbvip022.corppvt.com oradbvip022 oradbpri022.corppvt.com oradbpri022 oradbrep022.corppvt.com oradbrep022

      Just strange to me that it would say it is failing between the physical hostname and the alias which are using the same ip address? Not sure why this is the case? Should I be concerned about these errors before proceeding? All other checks have passed.
      PRVF-7617 : Node connectivity between "c-oradb003av :" and "oradbprd016 :" failed (it's the same address?????)