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    Calculation Script to Pull Distinct Employees

      Hi All,

      I have to count number of Billed Employees.For this i have data like

      E1,G5,P_1,TRAVEl,North America,N,Allocated,6.78
      E1,G5,P_3,INSURANCE,North America,Y,Allocated,33.77
      E1,G5,P_4,MUN,North America,N,Allocated,1.08
      E1,G5,P_5,TRAVEl,North America,N,Allocated,3.08
      E1,G5,P_6,TRAVEl,North America,N,Allocated,6.78
      E1,G5,P_9,CRN,North America,N,Allocated,0.38

      A Particular Employee is Allocated to different projects in which some are Billability "Y" and some are "N".
      I want to add a member in Account dimension like Billed_Count to be taken as 1 if the Employee having Billability "Y" in atleast one Project for Distinct Employee. I have to see overall headcount of Billed Employees at different head levels like Grade wise, Project wise, Vertical wise...

      How can i overcome this scenario. I tried in different combinations but i haven't get what i expected. Please help on this.

      Thanks in Advance,