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      • 15. Re: Media recovery of file 1
        Hemant K Chitale
        I presume that you do not have a Support Contract for your Express Edition install (which is free ?).

        You can run the command line command "dbv" which can be used to read every file and identify corrupted blocks.

        If you already have corrupted blocks and the storage and hardware are working reliably now, you would have to restore and recover the database --- assuming that your backups and/or archivelogs did not get corrupted.

        Hemant K Chitale

        Note : This is the 11.2 documentation on the "dbv" command :

        Hemant K Chitale

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        • 16. Re: Media recovery of file 1
          I lost the database. I reinstalled Oracle Database xe but the backup from my former flash recovery area didn't work. Fortunately I have a backup of the schema objects ddl and table data backup using the export utility. that was how I recovered the database losing only recent data. Regards
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