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    separate tnsnames and sqlnet locations

      We have a number of windows servers running application with different Oracle clients (versions 10 & 11, 32bit 64 bit) that use a centralized network located TNSnames. Lets say z:\tns\tnsnames.ora

      Im having an issue with a couple of them and I want to put SQLnet tracing on but if I put SQLnet tracing parameters on the network version of SQLnet.ora it will turn on tracing for all the clients connecting which I dont want

      Is there anyway to give them a local version of SQLnet.ora from their local client homes while still have them use the network version of tnsnames.ora

      I could point them to a local version of tnsnames just for this testing period while I trace and not so much of a problem to do this but interested to see could the SQLnet be separated from the tnsname.