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    Mysterious APEX Listener connection

      I posted this in the APEX forum, but was directed here instead.

      I have a virtual server (server1) that has an Oracle database (SID = apexsid1), glassfish, and apex listener 2.0. All works well.

      I created a new virtual server (server2) from a copy of server1. I do this all the time, and it works fine. I have to rename hostnames, IP, etc., but once that's done all is well.

      When I brought up server2, there was, of course, a database with sid apexsid1 running on it. I don't want this database on the new server, but rather want a copy of it with a different name - apexsid2. So I used rman duplicate to clone apexsid1 to apexsid2. Now, I have both apexsid1 and apexsid2 running on server2, and I still have apexsid1 running on server1.

      Here is the problem. There are connections from server2 showing up against apexsid1. I have nothing in the tnsnames.ora on that server to point at that old server. I have edited the default.xml and changed the server name from server1 to server2, and I have verified that none of the *.xml files in the configuration directory contain references to the server1. I have undeployed and redeployed apex.war. I have stopped and started the domain for glassfish. I have rebooted the server. I have recreated the database connection through apex listener via the java apex.war command.

      Still, the second I enable the apex application on server2, connections show up in apexsid1 from server2.

      Where could these connections be coming from? We have a need to deploy copies of this server quickly, and I thought I had a pretty slick way of spinning up copies, but this has got me stuck.

      Thanks in advance for any help!