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    Reset Profile Options on exiting Custom OAF page

      I have a requirement to remove the 'Personalize<RegionName>' links atop each region on my custom OAF page. Setting the 'FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled' to 'No' directly from front end is not an option as it must be set at 'Minimal' for the rest of the OAF applications. We have decided to programmatically set it to 'No' at user level on entering/ invoking this Custom OAF page.

      Problem is, I cannot decide where or at what point to reset the profile option back to 'Minimal' by calling the same code. I could use the global 'Home' link as the user would then be navigating out of my custom OAF, but then if they decided not to click on 'Home' and use any other link/button, the profile option won't be reset.

      Is there a sure shot event that I can use for the custom OAF page exit and reset the profile option to its original value?