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    stand alone implementation vs client server


      1. Currently I have issues installing client/server environment. can I start by performing stand alone installation and later on import ODARC file into client/server environment?will there be any impact on content or anything else?

      2. Another question do I even need Database if I don't need usage tracking just a site for tutorials, no need for checking in/out? what are advantages of one vs another?

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          Hutch Training
          1. Yes, you can start on the stand-alone version and import your odarc file when you switch to the client version.
          2. The main reason I switched to the client/server configuration is because the stand-alone version runs very poorly over a network, so I had to save my project on my C drive, which does not get backed up regularly. When I tried to save my project on a network drive, the perfomance was painfully slow, but once we changed to the client/server configuration, the performance was much better.

          I hope that helps! Good luck,
          Brenda Hutch