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    Tenda W322P 300Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter Drivers help needed.

      I need Drivers for a Tenda W322P 300Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter and can't seem to get this working.
      I was hoping a patch from Oracle would fix it eventually but nothing has come through yet.
      How can I get this wireless card working?
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          You probably cannot unless your computer vendor supports Enterprise Linux or if there was an open source driver. Oracle Linux or any other RHEL derivatives are build for enterprise systems and do not support hardware that is not found in server systems. You may have more luck using a desktop OS, such as Fedora or Ubuntu, or install MS Windows.

          You might want to check the RLREPO project at http://elrepo.org/tiki/tiki-index.php to see if there is any support for the Ralink RT3062 chipset, in which case you might have to swtich to the original RHEL kernel. Or see if you can get the windows driver working in Linux by using the NDISwrapper http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NDISwrapper.

          Personally I would not bother and run Oracle Linux inside VirtualBox in your case. The best way to run Enterprise Linux on unsupported hardware is through VirtualBox or any other type 2 hypervisor.