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    Installing 9.12 on Windows 2008R2 64bit server

      The eDelivery folder for 9.12 does not include the install files for weblogic, jrockit or OHS....

      Can someone confirm the correct locations from where these can be downloaded?

      My attempts so far:

      1. Download and install 64bit jRockit (jrockit-jdk1.6.0_37-R28.2.5-4.1.0-windows-x64.exe)
      2. Download and install Weblogic 11g (wls1036_generic.jar) from eDelievery P6 8.3
      3. Download and install Oracle Application Development Framework (ofm_appdev_generic_11.
      4. Run C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\common\bin\config.cmd create domain (select Enterprise Manager and JRF options):
      a. Name: Unifier912
      b. User: weblogic
      5. Download and install Oracle HTTP Server (ofm_webtier_win_11.
      a. Instance name: instance1
      b. OHS Component name: ohs1
      c. Web cache comp name: webcache1
      6. Failed in configuration step "Unable to validate NonJ2EEManagement Application deployment on admin server"


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          Have now got 9.12 installed.

          Used the standard 64bit Oracle JDK, and weblogic 11g from eDelivery middleware section - did not install Oracle HTTP Server.

          With the excetption of having to edit a couple of the unifier .bat files to use the correct folders the install was fairly straightforward. Although I did find the Install documentation confussing as it mixes Linux and Windows installs and is unclear on the issue of installing OHS....

          Thanks to Mayur at Oracle (Bangalore) for his assistance in getting this installed!!!


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            Any chance you could share a complete list of steps for WIndows install, what you needed on the windows server and what Oracle installers where required


            Great post btw