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    OSDG, Java 7u21 & Apple Mac


      1. OSGD v4.60.911 (x86 Solaris 10)
      2. MacBook Pro Retina (OS X 10.8.3)
      3. Java 7u21 (JDK)

      I'm hoping someone has come across this and has a fix, workaround etc. and are willing to share?

      Prior to the latest Java 7 update, everything was working fine. I was able to natively login from the MacBook (i.e., no Parallels, VBox or the like), and launch MS Windows desktops from the OSGD WebTop without difficulty. Since the update to Java 7u21, I've been having nothing but grief. Firstly I could not login to OSGD at all. After entering login details, the webpage just sit as though it was trying to authenticate. Then earlier today I took the drastic step of installing the JDK variant of Java 7u21. This immediately cured my OSGD login issue(s). However the problem I'm now experiencing is that I cannot launch any of my applications from the OSGD WebTop. Basically nothing happens. After a period of time, a session is sometimes but not always listed, but then almost immediately disappears. No errors appear on the WebTop.

      Anyone any ideas?