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    Skillbuilders modal plugin performance

    Scott Wesley
      Hi all,

      I would like to seek people's thoughts regarding page rendering performance when a large number of plug-ins are included on a page in APEX 4.2 with HTTP server.

      Consider a hypothetical scenario where 12 instances of the Skillbuilders Modal Page plugin were defined for one page - various buttons that invoke their own DA.

      This is consuming a large amount of rendering time according to the APEX debug report - each call to apex_modal_page_render adds up, and I'm considering my options.

      a) Tune the plug-in code
      I'm not sure how far we can go with this, I'm not sure where exactly the time is being taken - it's only fractional amounts adding up - including various conditions
      (I'm disenchanted with APEX debugger reporting 0.047 for many entries...)

      b) Add more juice.
      but where? DB, application server, local pc with browser?

      c) Consolidate the dynamic actions.
      Each button has it's own dynamic action, with statically defined URL.
      This was done because when we were first attempting to use plugin, this worked when the href attribute option did not. We should be able to work around this now.

      I was wondering if anyone had anything to add? I'm trying to shave time off all aspects of the page render, there is no major bottleneck.


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          I wouldn't think the additional JS emitted to the page would degrade performance much. Did you read the section of the documentation titled Optional Performance Upgrade. See if performance improves by leveraging the HTTP server over the database for the files.

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            Scott Wesley
            Thanks Dan.

            I've sourced all my plugin supporting files direct from the fileserver instead of the database.

            I have found some more conditional checks in between all the plugin definitions that I didn't spot before.

            It seems I need to take greater care between using
            :ITEM = 'VALUE'

            I've consider this before but never really had a chance to quantify it