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    Has Anyone configured Oracle GoldenGate for HA w/Oracle Clusterware ?


      I am looking for some perspective of real world cases with respects to configuring Oracle GoldenGate 11.2 for HA with Oracle Clusterware

      I have seen essentially two methods for this configuration:

      <OL><LI>Using the Bundled Agents (XAG) with Clusterware , specifically the agent for GoldenGate</LI>

      <LI>Using crsctl to add the GoldenGate instance process(s) as standard application cluster resources , configured with application action script(s).</LI></OL>

      I have reviewed both options covered in these documents and either seem like they'd work fine.

      Option 1 covered in this doc which came out in Sept 2012:

      Option 2 covered in this doc which was released in March 2013:

      Its curious to see that Option 2, which does not use the agents is the more recent doc.

      Also, as some background information, I have a 2 node Grid Infrastructure cluster on OEL 6.3. On this 2 node cluster, I am running an single instance Oracle database configured for HA as an application cluster resource; similar to the configuration defined in this doc:

      My plan is to implement GoldenGate Integrated capture on the same cluster..either on the same node as the database, or on the 2nd node as a Downstream Integrated Capture instance.

      I can see some benefits of both options, and was curious to know if anyone has this type of configuration running in an active dev/test/prod environment.
      If so, was there a decision point that made one option better than the other ?

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