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    Shared Services - LCM pointing to the wrong Hyperion Planning server

    Pedro Soares

      I created 2 Planning applications and created a Shared Services application group called "Planning" where I assigned both during creation.

      I navigated to the Shared Services console and went to the application group to check both. When I press any of them I get the following error:

      EPMLCM-30053: Failed to connect to "http://<server name>:19000/HyperionPlanning/servlet/HspLCMServlet" while performing explore/listing for application - "FrcApp".
      Received status code -"404" with error message - "Not Found". Possible cause of error Server Down or Not reachable.

      The problem I'm having is that the <server name> that is appearing is not the one where Planning is, but the Essbase server. Where do I change this to correct the problem?

      Thank you