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    Weblogic log file meaning and usage (Weblogic 12c)


      The Weblogic console shows the following log names in the "Summary of Log Files":

      - HarvestedDataArchive     
      - HTTPAccessLog (access.log)
      - DataSourceLog (datasource.log)
      - DomainLog
      - ServerLog (<managed server name>.log)
      - EventsDataArchive

      Yet, for each server (except for the Administration Server), for the "Logging" tab, there are only three tabs that corresponds to "General" (<managed server name>.log), "HTTP" (access.log), "Data Source" (datasource.log).

      Can someone explain to what log files can be mapped with HarvestedDataArchive, EventsDataArchive?

      Is there an overlapping of information between these the log files?

      Thanks by advance.

      Kind Regards.