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    Stop & Start time

      I am curious as to what the "normal" time frame is for stop & start process is for most companies.

      In my situation, I have 2 virtual servers dedicated to Essbase, Financial Reporting and Workspace. It takes me about 20-30 minutes everytime I stop & start.

      I am curious to know if this is about normal compared to others.

      Thank you,

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          I should have mentioned that the virtual servers are 64bit and I am on
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            It depends if you use the ones provided by Oracle, these can take a long time as they don't run in parallel.
            I find it best to develop your own start/script to match the environment.


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              Hello DanJe,

              The best thing you can do it to generate your own scripts as John suggested and can automate the task by scheduling it in the Windows Scheduler for early morning over a weekend to Stop the services and then you can have another Windows scheduler to Start the services after 20 mins.

              We have a similar kind of approach for one of our environments, and it works great for us and I guess it takes around 30 mins for everything to shut down and then come up again!!

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