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    SALT Configuration Tool - Guide document


      Is there some guide to use SALT configuration tool, I have the following issue :

      I already configured with the discovery feature some Tuxedo services and are working ok invoking them as a WS, but now I did the same to add one more service and the discovery feature could not discover the service I reviewed everything, and I could not find what is wrong.
      I am using FML32 in all cases.

      Something to consider:
      -that sometimes I got a message in the ulog, but is not a catalog message is jus "cannot open file".

      Maybe there is a Document Guide to use this tool? or somthing like that ,

      Thank you in advanced for your help


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          Maurice G-Oracle

          the "cannot open file" message is a bug, harmless you can ignore it.

          The configuration tool is self-documented, actually, in the main page you can click on the sentences to expand the functions available in the tool. If the information you are looking for is not in there let us know here.

          Regarding your issue, for service discovery to work the service has to be called, make sure that it is the case. If you have done that and still don't see a new service after refreshing the page (F5), it's possibly because it's already there... If the service is the same Tuxedo service and payload, the discovery feature will not create a new entry.

          Let us know how it goes.