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    What is the Ideal Production Setup For One Admin and 4 Managed Servers

    Abhinav Mittal
      Dear Experts

      I will be starting with production setup including one Admin server and 4 managed servers in one single domain.

      I am thinking of creating a single node environment(no clusters) as the machine has following configuration

      OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
      RAM : 48 GB
      System Type : 64 bit
      Processor : Intel(Xenon) 4 processors X5627@3.6GHz

      Can you please let me know if this configuration would suffice for the 4 managed servers if i assign Xmx and Xms as 4096 and Heap Space as 1024 to all the Managed Servers.

      It is very urgent and i need to convey to the Infrastructure team if harware procurement is required.

      We are looking at somewhere around 300 concurrent users(maximum load) and 100(minimum load) at a given point of time.

      Please reply ASAP.

      Thanks in advance

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