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    Apply standby redo log to physical stby db.

      Hi all,

      Facing a problem in the following scenario.

      I have dataguard configuration operating in maximum availability mode with a local standby db (A - lgwr sync not using real time apply) and a remote standby db (B - lgwr async). I then simualted a crash of my primary database with batch jobs running. Since the stby db A is in lgwr sync option ,all the commited data in the current online redo log has been transmitted to stby A and is present in its stby redo log (Group 2).How do I apply this stby redo log to the remote stby db.

      Tried the following methods.
      1.ftp the stby redo log to the remote db and tried to regiter it, got an error that it is not completely archived.
      2.issued the recover standby database command and supplied the stby redo log when it asked for the sequence in the stby redo, got an error saying there is corruption in a block(tried this option multiple times ended up with the same result.)