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    Oracle XE on ARM

    Nico Martens

      So I was wondering. Why is Oracle not supporting ARM. Almost all mobile devices use an ARM processor. How cool would it be to have for example an APEX instance running on a samsung gallaxy or a raspberry pi...

      I just don't understand why the Oracle XE (their demo of a great product) is not supported on those devices... Using only a tablet to promote a database would just come in very handy.

      Or are there plans to release an ARM version. I have tried emulating x86 and sparc on a raspberry pi. Believe me the results are terrible. Emulation is not a solution. Oracle should compile their sources against an ARM processor.

      How cool would that be.


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          I wouldn't count on it right now.


          In some way, I agree. Unless you're running it on a multi-processor ARM box, the results are going to be slow. If they do support ARM, I don't think it's going to be because of Raspberry Pis (cue the Beowulf cluster jokes).

          That said, MySQL and PostgreSQL have various builds floating around that'll run on it.