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    Some questions when planning rac login.(NTP and login output )

      Good mornig
      I have three questions when planning RAC installation on Centos 6.

      1. When setting up NTP, the document says *"If you use NTP, then you must configure it using the -x flag"*. May I know how to configure the NTP with -x flag?

      2. I plan to use another server (named MY_NTP ) which is not in the cluster as the NTP server. All nodes in the cluster will run ntpdate MY_NTP to get the time information. This command will be put in a crontab. But I`m just wondering how the OUI will know this. I mean when we run OUI, it will check the NTP settings, right? Will it check my crontab? Because if it do not, it will not know that I`m using NTP client and may fail the check.

      3. When I login my Centos server, it will show some information like below
      [root@node1 ~]# su - oracle
      [oracle@node1 ~]$ ssh oracle@node2
      Last login: Thu May 23 10:55:07 2013 from node2
      [oracle@node2 ~]$
      The document says
      Remove any stty commands from hidden files (such as logon
      or profile scripts) before you start the installation. On Linux systems,
      if there are any such files that contain stty commands, then when
      these files are loaded by the remote shell during installation, OUI
      indicates an error and stops the installation.
      So I think I need to remove the out put information
      Last login: Thu May 23 10:55:07 2013 from node2
      Could any tell me how to do so? I even tried to remove the file /etc/bashrc. It just doesn`t work

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